World Earth Day – Let’s Not Turn Our Back on Our Planet But Appreciate With The African Salute!

As a photojournalist who has travelled presently to exactly 100 countries, very much halted obviously in recent times however, I see myself as an art journalist meeting social comments and hopefully helping to record and interpret ordinary life on our planet. So World Earth Day is something that is an important and significant day , I think we should all appreciate and take note of in one way or another. This is our planet and we are responsible, as much as we can be of maintaining it the best we can, so we can continue to appreciate the wonders it holds, record, document and wonder at them and appreciate how we need to help to save these events, not just in art but in reality too for future generations.

As a photographer the most important equipment is in the photographer’s head and being able to predict some situations before they happen can be vital to that special shot. I’ve missed some great shots by looking in the opposite direction and these missed shots torment me! Thinking about World Earth Day seems relevant to these thoughts – many of us are so busy looking in the other direction that we are not seeing what is in front of us and how much we do need to do to help the planet.

My collection of photographs record people, places, animals, events and pretty much everything I can capture as a catalogue  of moments and my latest collection is an alternative view of some of our most stunning wildlife that our planet offers, wildlife that often seem to look in the opposite direction but this time something I felt the need to capture!

Entitled ‘The African Salute ‘  first a translation;  The salute means to walk away from the viewer, showing their arse, which the wildlife do on a regular basis! Nobody is quite sure why, as the animals can be plainly seen still, but it’s something of a joke over there, hence they have a phrase for it! I was mainly in Etosha National Park, which is in Namibia, when I shot these, and it was a case of if you can’t beat them, make a thing of it! So here’s a gallery of various safari animals from the rear!















So let’s not turn our backs on our planet but appreciate its worth, value our travels and do what we can to try and get our World back on track so we and many more generations can enjoy the beauty it offers.

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