Where Does Urbanity End and Nature Begin?

Ori Gersht - On Reflection

Ori Gersht – On Reflection

The story of photography is a concept I think that is very interesting for all photographers. The ever-changing styles, technologies and history associated with photography is really quite in depth. So, anything that expands the narrative of this pioneering story is something worth thinking about.

The Dulwich Picture gallery are currently exhibiting their first major photography exhibition and at this exhibition, we are able to follow the story of photography from the 1840s to today; through a photographers most constant companion – nature.

Nature is a constant, and there’s a reason that artists through the centuries have always returned to it…We can’t help but be inspired because it’s unwavering.” Curator Alexander Moore, Creative Producer at Dulwich Picture Gallery

The exhibition ‘Unearthed’ traces the rich history through depictions of nature by 41 leading international artists, revealing the fascinating technical processes and narratives behind these images. Perhaps one of the most interesting artist stories is that of English gardener, Charles Jones. Charles’ striking modernist photographs of plants remained undiscovered for 22 years after his death – until they were discovered in a trunk at Bermondsey Market in 1981 – here’s hoping my photographic genius doesn’t end up like Charles’ and my photography is discovered before my death!

Unexpected Flowers’ is a project I collated from my various urban adventures. It seems that flowers haven’t always existed, but they started to appear many millions of years ago. I have no idea why. Weirdly, broccoli is a flower, and roses are related to apples, cherries, peaches, plums, raspberries, pears and almonds. Again, I have no idea how or why, but thought it was worth mentioning.


This project celebrates beauty, our human obsession and continued history to use flowers to ‘beautify’ spaces. Here I juxtapose the natural form with urban cityscapes, creating a parallel between the two, where does urbanity end and nature begin?









Anyway, this project helps me to position my photography within the narrative of the ‘Unearthed’ exhibition. Realising nature is a constant inspiration for photographers, even in their most unlikely forms, and in my case, being found in most unlikely places.

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