Ahhh lockdown, it has been a rollercoaster to say the least. The ups and downs, the not knowing when things will return to usual, the loneliness – let’s just say it’s been challenging!  For most of us our lockdown friends were few and far between. Recently though I realised there were other lockdown friends in my life, that were also important – objects we’ve interacted with on a daily basis, inanimate objects we may have taken for granted before but now appreciated and I believe there’s some comfort in that.

Like everyone, I had nowhere to go amidst the recent stay at home order. So, to keep my camera busy, I reacquainted myself with my surroundings! My new gallery shows my ‘Lockdown Friends ! Maybe not what may spring to most people’s mind as their typical lockdown friends but these guys which I’ve bought around the world and are all in my place, have been mine!









The backdrops are either bought globally or locally too, creating a great composition, so in a way this collection is particularly up close and personal and gives you a glimpse of what I have enjoyed looking at in and around my home. And before you say anything – no, thanks, I don’t want a psychoanalyst applying themselves to what I surround myself with!

Lockdown has no doubt made us all take notice of our surroundings so much more, whether nature, homes, ourselves – our vision has become much more focused for good or bad!









I guess it is quite normal for many artists, in particular to find comfort in inanimate objects, maybe due to an intensified sense of creativity. There was a symbolic still life movement in the 16th century called Vanitas. A vanitas was a piece of work which showed a person’s collection of worldly possessions and gave thought on how meaningless these possessions we obsess over are once we’re dead. I disagree. Yes, perhaps worrying about what we do and do not have is a waste of time at the end of the day, but let’s be honest, possessions do bring comfort and with comfort comes happiness. I’ve certainly found joy from my lockdown friends – I can tell you that for sure.

Vanitas by Harmen Steenwijck

Vanitas by Harmen Steenwijck

Now we are coming out of lockdown and things are opening up again, I think it’s important we make the most of our newfound freedom but still hold true to what we learned when we were isolated from our usual distractions and lifestyles and although there is so much talk about decluttering, charity shops full etc, there’s nothing wrong with being comforted and enjoying those small things in your life and home that bring back memories, good and bad and evoke life experiences.

We’ll see! … as lockdown eases and we can start introducing those selective hugs to a few more friends and inviting them home we may turn our attention to other things but let’s not forget those lockdown friends who were with us through the thick and thin of it all!

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