Time To Get In The Campervan & Drive!

There is so much news and constant talk of when will we be completely back to normal, whatever that means but quite honestly I think we would all do well to just keep sensible and aware and pretty much carry on as we are for the moment! As much as I’d like to travel I think anyone booking a trip abroad is taking a risk so I’ve just ordered a campervan and to be honest I can’t wait to get behind the wheel and explore this new travel adventure, just a little closer to home!

As a photojournalist who has explored so many fascinating countries across the world  I am going to make the most out this new situation and discover the UK like never before. There is so much we can enjoy without having to travel abroad so I shall be making the most of this on my journeys and taking the opportunity to capture the UK through my lens and am excited about a completely new gallery of images and ideas that will evolve from this.

In times like this though it is fun to revisit some of my past trips and photographic series. In particular my ‘I’m Mandy, Fly Me. First, the title. It’s from a well-known 10cc song of the same name. This project has been photographed over several years in several countries, mainly in Asia, but there are a couple of western countries too. It’s pretty obvious what I’m showcasing; the cardboard cut-outs of aircrew to show how good the service on the airlines is. I’m not convinced it works personally, especially because I’ve near forgotten what it’s like to be on an aircraft at this point – but for others it really must impress! Oh well, what do I know?









The compilation of photographs in this series is a satisfying sight, finding these familiar scenes in so many places I’ve travelled to is almost comical. In some of the photographs I have used reflective surfaces like windows to give an insight into the places these cut-outs are adverting to travel to, which introduces an interesting contrast. This contrast is continued which some of the photographs showing the two conflicting emotions of reality and advertising, queues of grumpy travellers at check in next to peppy, patronising cut outs of “accommodating” airline staff. I found this amusing, but maybe that’s just me….

So, I guess for now, I would prefer to keep the travel within the UK and I’m definitely excited to get on the road, just might be a little more Bow Wow Wow ‘Go Wild in the Country’ this time!

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