The Promise Of Travel After Lockdown

Now I’m not a socialist, let alone a revolutionary, but I happen to agree with the Castro led revolution in Cuba. It was a country that was used and abused by the USA, who simply ignored the indigenous people, choosing exploitation instead. So you would have thought that it was no surprise that the people rose up against the then puppet government.

What happened next might be described as the biggest sulk by a sovereign nation in history. The USA simply said to the rest of the world “that you either deal with us or Cuba”.

The result, well Cuba just couldn’t get any goods in the country. So it was no wonder that they turned to the USSR for help. Russia propped up Cuba’s economy until Russia had its own economic crisis and stopped. And that’s where Cuba is today. Uniquely ignored and impoverished.

Going there, (I’ve been twice), the shops have long queues and there is little in them but anyway,  what WiFi there is, is terribly slow and unstable, mobile phones hardly exist, and there is a dual currency (one for tourists and one for locals) that while understandable, hardly means you get anything at a good price.

I once asked a local why the food was so bad. He said that people leave the country to learn to cook, and never come back ! and yet it seems during lockdown others have been more imaginative with their culinary skills with artists turning to food to make a living as the city was in lockdown.

Obama softened his stance to Cuba a lot, but then Trump put the shutters up again. I have no idea where Biden is with it. Anyway I’ve done several studies in Cuba.

The first is about their amazing live music, and in this project, the musical instruments there.

Then a study about their version of mobile phones, which is basically a lot of public phones , then Cubums.

Then their iconic old American cars, which were left there when the Americans left in a hurry, but owing to the lack of just about anything, are kept running. Parts are made from scratch, and the mechanics are second to none.

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