The Power of Photography- Speaking Without Words

When we think about communication, most people think of words. Speaking, talking, perhaps writing; these are the methods that come to mind. Yet, as a photographer I know there are ways beyond language to communicate, that can speak a thousand words in a second!

Photography by David Hicks

How to speak without words and tell a story with silence, photography is a true anomaly in communication. Whilst soundless and motionless a great photograph speaks volumes. The talented photographer can capture movement, feeling and emotion in a singular snap. Vision, lens and intuition speak volumes.

Street Photography by David Hicks

As a photojournalist who has travelled extensively across the world, about 100 countries so far and I hope many more to come, my camera is always my companion. Capturing the essence of the subject is all that matters and the photographers head, my sense of nosiness takes me to find situations, people, events and through my photographs, I hope to tell a story.  I love wandering the streets, marvelling at human beings, their differences, their passions, their struggles and their lives and cultures. It is fascinating to capture so many completely different cultures and the strength humans actually have, these moments have resulted in some of my best travel photos. Obviously having travelled so far I have had many occasions when language was most certainly a barrier and my camera helped me transcend any language barriers. My love and respect for people and their beauty, whether aesthetic or not became the overriding important factor.

There’s been many many times when I’ve sat for ages chatting and laughing with the locals, It’s a wonderful thing to do when you can transcend language and cultures to actually laugh with people, it’s the most important quality a human being can have in my opinion.

Yes, it is these moments where my camera tells the story I hope, where my photographs of peoples faces says a thousand words, sharing feelings, emotions, through the lens of my camera, no talking needed!

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