Santa Fe, and we're in a territory that still exudes the feel of the wildwest. Cowboy hats and boots are common, and to be honest, for good practical reasons. The famous Santa Fe trail ends in this town. It was actually several trails, but for the wagons that did it, it was a perilous journey and it could easily take 60-70 days to complete the 800 Mile trail from Missouri....if you made it at all ! It's known that William H. Bonney ie. Billy the Kid–lived in Santa Fe in the early 1870s. After a life away, he would later return to Santa Fe as a prisoner for three months before being transferred to Mesilla near Las Cruces in April 1881, where he was sentenced to hang. But these days not many cowboys (and girls) exist in the way they used to. Instead, the gear is used almost as a statement of attitude or fashion. There's a lovely retro feel to the whole thing, and an unwillingness to let their heritage go.