The age of Femininity, Men, Flowers & Frills

In 2020 the world fell in love with feminine men. Pop icons like Harry Styles brought a new meaning to the word ‘handsome’. Controversial Vogue cover by Tyler Mitchell, for December 2020 saw fan favourite and ex-One Direction star donning a rather frilly dress. Love it or hate it, the cover photograph certainly made its mark; sparking the heated debate of men and femininity. Many criticised, chastised and shamed Styles for his feminine dress while others called it revolutionary, radical and ravishing.

Like it or not the age of femininity is well and truly on its way. Teen-icon Harry Styles is one of many male celebrities embracing the thrills of flowers, frills and femininity and looking good while they do it. So at a time of year when hopefully many can celebrate the power of love more than ever after the year we’ve all had,  this seems a good time to highlight one of my projects where I connect men and flowers.

In my constant search of the obvious and maybe more unexpected my project ‘Men Bearing Flowers celebrates exactly that! Although I have to say this particular project took me a rather long time, sadly given the lack I found of photo opportunities for this subject matter!  Flowers have so many meanings of course and none more so than red roses that are of course synonymous with love. To me flowers are dead plants, but the majority of people seem to love them and  I guess Valentines is most definitely a time to celebrate them and so I bow to the superior number of flower lovers! And men know what’s good for them, so flowers it is!

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