Taking The Day Off To Sit Under A Blossom Tree !

As Spring arrives we will all be once again inspired by the beauty of cherry blossom or the Sakura season in Tokyo, which has now officially begun it seems and although the crowds will be smaller no doubt the blossom will be more beautiful than ever The 2021 cherry blossom season has officially begun in Tokyo.

Japan is a nation that takes Spring very seriously. In particular, it’s the blossom that they’re into, and more specifically, cherry blossom. In fact, there’s a huge amount of effort that goes into predicting when the first blossoms will arrive. People would take time off work to sit under the trees and admire nature. Incredibly expensive camera equipment is used to photograph yet another almost identical blossom. Some, especially keen people, will follow the blossoms and move up through the length of the country!

Japonisme is a term that sums up the massive influence Japanese arts had during the 19th century, from their decorative arts through to woodblocks and every day life. This influence has been captured by many artists and photographers, especially at this time of year it certainly didn’t pass me by on my travels. I have tried to capture all the wonder of Japan in this collection, the colours, nature, texture and overall feeling of celebrating spring – something that feels even greater this year I think.

Even Damien Hirst is getting in on the blossom theme Artist Damien Hirst is selling cherry blossom prints for £2,000 (and you can pay by Bitcoin).

Damien Hirst, aged 55, is selling the limited edition prints for just £2,100 a pop

Damien Hirst, aged 55, is selling the limited edition prints for just £2,100 a pop

And here’s some places in London you can enjoy the blossom, sit under the tree and get your cameras out to capture the moment.

Happy Spring time !

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