My Top Tips To Be The Best Photographer You Can Be

Following on from my Riverside Radio feature….. Also listen out for my Riverside Radio ArtsWatch feature coming up soon!

Top Tips To Be The Best Photographer

1) You see with your brain, not your camera, so noticing things is good…anything

2) Don’t keep your camera at the bottom of a bag that you have to stop and hunt through and then give up ! Keep it in easy reach.

3) The more you photograph the better you get. I’m afraid it’s that simple.

4) Don’t be put off by what some amazing professional photographers take. Do what you think is interesting and do a lot of it.

5) A lot of photography is in the editing. If you take six pics of roughly the same thing, you have to decide on what is the best one, and delete the others. Even if you’re just posting your pics on social media, there’s nothing quite as dull as several pics of the same thing.

6) You don’t have to carry loads of equipment or spare lenses around to be considered a photographer. Travel light and be happy.

7) A sunset pic doesn’t make you a good photographer. It’s hard to muck them up and there’s loads of them…so many that if you’re serious about photography, avoid them

8) The rule of thirds is valid. If you don’t know what that means, imagine a piece of paper divided into 3 vertical panels. The centre of focus of your image works a third to the right or a third to the left.

9) Having said that know when you can break the rules.

10) The best camera you have is the one on you. Sometimes I’m forced to use my mobile to take a photograph, but so be it.

But mostly it’s about doing something that just makes you happy!

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