Let’s Celebrate ‘Down By The Lake’

At a time when we’re all keen to get our world back on track it is so refreshing to look at moments captured in photography of people having fun and enjoying the freedom and beauty that surrounds us and daring to dream and even plan about  those holiday destinations. Where we can travel, who with, what jabs, what forms etc all seems a little complicated these days but there is hope and there are possibilities and I for one can’t wait to get back out there, to not only enjoy but to photograph and capture these moments and destinations.

There’s no doubt people’s attitudes and thoughts will have been challenged over the last year and times will have changed. These kind of life-changing events in our lives force us to re-evaluate. I have always travelled so of course the pandemic has put a halt on this and on my life. World events change our lives and our way of thinking,  after 9/11 I started to reappraise my life, as probably many other people did too. I started to realise that I was the one that went into the office first thing in the morning and was the last out late at night, I didn’t travel, I didn’t go on holiday, didn’t do my own photography, I had lost my way. So I started travelling again after this realisation and have visited and photographed 100 countries and now, after the pandemic,  have many more to visit on my list as restrictions lift. There is so much more out there in the world to be captured and documented and after the life-changing events due to Covid, that we have all endured it is time to hopefully move forward in a positive way. No doubt the power of photography has and will continue to document the past year even more poignantly than ever.

So after a really long and rather challenging winter, the sun is finally out here and to celebrate, these images from my ‘Down by the Lake in my new gallery feel appropriate to highlight now.

A sudden but massive lake off the main road while travelling through Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes, was a destination that completely caught my eye. It was a gorgeous day as usual, so the families were out.  It’s a little bit grubby, but when it’s on your doorstep, you use it. The usual laughter, mucking about, BBQ’s, and fascination with a foreigner holding a camera. It’s hard to ignore the massive dormant volcano in the background though. There are many volcanoes in this part of the world, with only the occasional one being active! Seems an appropriate image now, people enjoying themselves but in the background that slight symbol of uncertainty is still there, keeping us on our toes.

With so many people having become much more insular, working from home or furloughed, now hopefully we are getting back into work and back into our routines.  It is great to focus on the importance of this positive time and the huge benefits on our mental health of interacting with other people in not only a working environment but also socially, something many of us have forgotten how to do!  Then being able to plan our holiday breaks to inspire and motivate us to be our best selves, having had time to assess what we really want in our lives and how best to achieve it.

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