First things first, unlike what we've always thought, think of square without the "s" when you pronounce the word ! And, depending on what mood they're in, it's spelt with an "e" or an "i" at the end ! Secondly, the film was almost total fiction. Conditions under the Japanese were truly terrible, and many tens of thousands of forced workers died from disease, exhaustion, malnourishment, and brutal mistreatment. Thirdly, they built two bridges, one from wood and the other steel. Towards the end of the war, both bridges were regularly bombed by the RAF, but were always repaired. Finally the end of the war came, and the original steel bridge was repaired for one last time, and it's still in use today. Nowadays, this is a tourist destination and this is what the gallery is about. I've always found it odd that places of terrible suffering are must see places for so many non-caring tourists, blissfully unaware of the true suffering. A dreadful history, and now a tacky tourist spot.