Home On The Thames & Boat Race Moments

With more and more things ruined by the wrath of COVID-19, I am compelled to remember the importance of capturing a moment.

Photographers are salient, now more than ever. We champion the act of freezing a moment in time, a second of joy or sadness or utter illation. Reminding people today of better times, of the togetherness we crave.

Traditions have been foiled this year, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries – you name it, it’s cancelled. One of the big ones for me is The Boat Race. Sharing its home with me on The Thames, The Boat Race has always given me much pleasure. Such a celebration, a gathering of people, an Easter tradition, a day that energises South West London, and most importantly – a fantastic occasion to take some photographs!









So when I heard that The Boat Race 2021 won’t occur on its usual sacred path, was I surprised?  No, but I was obviously disappointed.  Knowing that I’ll have to join the mass of non-locals to watch Cambridge and Oxford on the telly is painful enough! Adding to this, the race will be taking place in Ely on ‘The River Great Ouse’, instead of the Thames and near me!

Photography from previous years at The Boat Race keeps me going, much like so many other events, the memories and the good times reminds us that ‘everything will be back to normal soon’, and that we won’t have to put up with all this for much longer.

Although I rant, I will be tuning in to BBC to watch the race, good luck rowers and congratulations to the Women rowers who will be rowing for the 75th time this year!

Roll on The Boat Race 2022!

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