Also known as Guido because he fought for the Spanish at one point, he was also a catholic ! He was captured on November 5th 1605, tortured, but wasn't actually executed until January 31st. Bonfire night is actually about celebrating the protestant king avoiding assassination. The 'guy' was usually the pope for some years until other unpopular figures were used. Fireworks were commonly used for this event about 50 years later. Fireworks were invented about 2000 years ago in China. The first recorded use in England was for a royal wedding in 1486. Commonly though, fireworks were used to see off evil spirits. Rockets now, can reach up to 150mph, and the biggest ever firework display involved over 66,000 fireworks was in Portugal. Nowadays in England, small garden firework displays are discouraged, and we're all encouraged to join the crowds at an organised event. Here's one in Kent a few years ago.