Evolving As A Photographer

To be honest, I am a photographer who is mostly influenced by my surroundings, my vision and generally what catches my eye. Having evolved over the years I really now don’t refer to other photographers work, however in the early days there were some photographers who probably did influence my photographic interests and whose work I do still admire.

The first was the illustrative photographer Jon Davision, a Kiwi living in Oxford at the time. He got me back into photography after I’d had a short break. His work has diversified over the years and he is now an impressive aviation photographer.
















Martin Parr is another photographer whose work I also enjoyed. His unapologetic captured moments of people and their everyday habits appeal to me.

GB. Wales. Tenby. 2016.
















My worldwide travels have led me to experience so many different cultures and people, note their eccentricities, capture their joy or indeed their most irritating ways!  Whether I have chosen to portray these in colour or as my black and white travel photographs, they tell my story through my eye. I am a photographer who photographs what I see, what I feel, what is happening, like it or not!

Finally I think , in my recognition of photographers whose work I like is Alex Webb • Photographer Profile • Magnum Photos.

USA. Mississippi. Mound Bayou. 1976. Members of the community on their front porch.
















As a street photographer, I aim to capture the everyday events and let the viewer find what they want in the pictures. My work can be seen as stand alone pieces, but also as part of a set that seeks to build a picture of a place or moment. My way is to be in and out. I want to feel what I am photographing but also be alienated from it, it’s about stepping back and taking a pragmatic look at the subject, not thinking that I’m part of it or involved in any way. I think it keeps the mind and perspective fresher if one steps back and observes!


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