Dogs Waiting – But Not For Too Long!

Certainly lockdown has caused many changes in people’s lives and it seems that dogs have been one of the major additions that  many people have succumbed to, and sadly not all for the best. Nearly every day now we are reading stories about lockdown puppies being already abandoned as people just really don’t understand the commitment they’ve taken.

So seemed an appropriate time for my ‘Dogs Waiting’ gallery.








We’ve all seen them. Nervous and apprehensive dogs tied up outside stores etc, that they’re not allowed inside of. These are mainly, but not entirely, photographed in London. For dogs of course, they get rather anxious about whether their owners will return or not. They’re overjoyed when they do and have no understanding of why they have to wait outside and are temporarily abandoned. But it’s a common sight. Sadly though the increase in puppy buying has also increased the dreadful stories of dog napping, which has caused so much heartache and worry to so many supposedly even leading to a new police task force – which hopefully helps stop this awful crime.

But it seems that maybe dogs will not have to continue too much waiting outside shops as more and more stores are actually happily inviting their customers and pooches in. Some are saying this is to try and help alleviate the dreadful situation of dog napping. Makes sense if the dogs are controlled and why not? But I guess with so many more people owning dogs it is certainly a lot easier if you can take a dog in the shop – increases shoppers in a time when the country needs as many people spending money as possible really.








And now as we, fingers crossed, move slightly out of lockdown we are not the only ones that need to adjust, dogs do too it seems. They haven’t been out much either so now they need to learn how to socialise again, be friendly, accept other people’s children, noises, smells – just like us!

Having said that take a trip to destinations like Norfolk and everybody has a dog and a friend’s dog! There is nothing you cannot buy for man’s best friend from doggy ‘Woofins’ to ‘Pawty’ cakes !!

Taking photographs of animals is not always easy as I guess they don’t have that many expressions – I mean I really don’t think all these dogs are unhappy but somehow a lot of them do look it, dogs just don’t really smile do they?  It makes me happy exploring and seeing something worth photographing in situations that we often take for granted. My photograph’s of dogs are not the’ at home pet shots’, but the ones of dogs on their own, some taking notice of me, wanting to know what I’m doing others completely oblivious to me. It opens up another little world and sometimes makes you think about their owners too – each shot telling a different story, a different life.

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