Coco Cola, the real ruler of the world ! These photographs have been taken around the world over a period of a few years, and show the real influence of America's favourite drink. With over 200 countries selling coke, and 1.7 billion units a day being consumed, too many humans around the world now think that it's a symbol of good living, success and freedom. The health threats from all the sugar go unnoticed. Great advertising, irresistible giveaways to cafes and stores etc, and constantly keeping the colour and brand name in the public eye, all contribute to Coca Cola's relentless sales on the planet. Some quick facts about the brand: It's estimated to be worth around $75 billion. They spend more on advertsing than Microsoft and Apple combined. It's brand is recognised by over 94% of the world's population. Americans consume around 11lbs/5KG of sugar a year just from the this drink !!