Why Do We Love A Classic Car ?

This July will make it exactly three years since the iconic VW Beetle came to the end of its production road in Mexico, which was a shame for many fans, as this classic car, had no doubt become a favourite for many – a little Herbie that so many of us loved and cherished! But with bigger cars, SUV’s and now electric cars it has become an iconic vintage car, loved by some and indeed hated by others and let’s be honest the new Beetle designs never really hit the spot. It is so interesting though, how people can become… Read more

Too Much Plastic – Too Much Rubbish

Most of us have become more and more environmentally aware and do our best to try and help the situation, although until the big polluters of the world really tidy up their act the problem will never end. However, every little hopefully helps. Government figures suggest that UK households have recycled 44% of their waste although it seems we are not always too sure about where our recycled plastic actually ends up, which is a bit concerning, as it would seem some of our plastic was reportedly sent from the UK to Turkey. Obviously, this is a global problem, as… Read more

Thai’d Trees

The Jubilee weekend gave the nation a wonderful four-day holiday with lots of fun and games across the UK – must say they did put on a good show! However, it was an event that not only celebrated a pretty remarkable woman but also sent out quite a few other messages. One which resonated with a theme in this collection of photographs was that of the importance of trees.                   The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative was developed for the Platinum Jubilee and invited people from across the UK to plant a tree… Read more

How We Celebrate The Jubilee

With such an important Jubilee for the Queen this year, now felt a good time to reminisce with this Jubilee collection of images.  As the country prepares itself for a long bank holiday of fun and games, these photographs remind us of the traditions of past Jubilees and how people in the UK celebrate!  This Platinum Jubilee year will celebrate Her Majesty becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate a Jubilee after 70 years of service. That is most definitely an extremely respectable amount of time to have dedicated your life 100% to your country and no doubt something rightly… Read more

Waiting For Return of Safaris

Present circumstances as they are in Sri Lanka have made times very tough for the nation, indeed as they are across the world, due to the pandemic and its ongoing repercussions. As the people of Sri Lanka battle to keep their economy afloat with the country running out of petrol, this has of course also had a massive knock-on effect on their travel and tourist industry. Times have sadly changed from when this collection of images was taken. Brits have now been warned to avoid travelling to the country unless absolutely necessary, as the shortages of medicine and food is… Read more

Indian Rickshaws With Women Drivers Tackling The Environment

Most of us are constantly aware and indeed doing our best, to help with efforts tackling environmental issues and supporting initiatives to control the pollution crisis in our world,  so this felt like an appropriate time to feature the Indian Rickshaws collection in Delhi, where pollution is at an extreme level and the city is now considered the world’s most polluted capital. This collection of photographs takes in the atmosphere created by this frantic mode of transport across the city.  Using both colour and black and white works well, colour creating the vibrancy of the city and the tuk-tuks whilst… Read more

The Bombay Rain – Welcoming The Rainy Days

As we look forward to better weather in the UK, in Bombay, they look forward to a respite from the scorching weather with the Bombay Rains or monsoon, which usually arrives from May to June, but can be pretty unstoppable once they start. This collection of photographs were taken in Bombay, these days known as Mumbai, a sort of cosmopolitan city in India. And they’re very used to rain. All sorts of rain…. From short sharp downpours to monsoon season where the city regularly floods. These are just showers. Lots of puddles but no flooding. The photographs capture the everyday… Read more

Gentle Giants – Inch Thick Skin But Can Sense A Fly On Their Back !

These photographs were mainly taken in Sri Lanka and Thailand and the affection for these sometimes abused animals is strong amongst so many of us worldwide, our compassion and love of this beautiful animal and our utter disapproval of those that abuse them. The recent news of the discovery of the largest taxidermy in Spain was headlines and shocking for many more than 1,000 stuffed animals, including protected species were found in this collection and said to be worth over £24 million, uncovered in this collection in a warehouse in a small town north of Valencia. With over 198 elephant… Read more


It may seem strange to have a national pet month when for so many people pretty much every day is a pet day! Nevertheless this particular charity initiative is there I guess to celebrate pet ownership and as they say ‘sharing the many benefits of our cherished companions across the UK . Naturally as a photojournalist pets and especially dogs, are seen all over the world and will always be a constant friends for so many and after lockdown as well all know, pets became even more important, dogs in particular it seems. My ‘Dogs Waiting’ collection covered such a… Read more

About Own Goals

The power and importance of sport is a comforting constant across most of the world and something during these particularly hard times which can be a huge escape for so many people. Whether it’s our great game of football or tennis, cricket or rugby this is something so many follow and really do  even need in their lives. In my ‘About Own Goals’ photo collection I decided this was an area I wanted to highlight and feature. However with this collection I did have thoughts about the sport that made me create these works. I wanted to remember the roots… Read more


My extensive travels have taken me across the world and I am fortunate to have experienced more than most with the countries I have visited with the culture and people I have captured on my camera. The joy of this and being able to share these images and the beauty of these destinations is a huge honour and something I enjoyed collating in this video . This video collection of my travels in India moves across many different images of people, places, landscapes and events that I found interesting. Travel photography is about interpreting ordinary life. I like wandering around… Read more

Grayson’s Art Club Returns !

Grayson Perry’s Art Club will be returning soon for another series and I for one am really looking forward to tuning in. It’s definitely one of my favourite art shows. This is the third series and I’m not surprised it’s back, Grayson and Phillippa are such an interesting couple and really seem to motivate one another with their different styles and true interest in other people and their art. It’s good to have a laugh with art and not take it all too seriously and it’s great to see people really loving their work and appreciating how individuals are affected… Read more

Ukraine Central Station

On my travels across the world as a photojournalist, I have had the pleasure to visit so many stunning and fascinating countries and certainly one of these would include Ukraine. So it is with great sadness that I now look back at these images whilst this dreadful and unnecessary war is raging. Part of the rich tapestry of my life has been enhanced by the people, places, art and culture of these countries and to now see the beauty of Ukraine under fire is heart breaking. So I can only offer up these images at this difficult time as a memory of peaceful times… Read more

Winter Weymouth May Look Gloomy But UK Staycations Are Still Booming!

So really how have our UK holiday towns coped after two years of Covid restrictions and lockdowns? Some have thrived with their staycation booms as people hesitated about travelling abroad and stayed in the UK for their holidays but other UK towns have undoubtedly suffered as their tourism income has faded. No doubt of course that the winter months make seaside towns a lot less popular, so they close up and maybe don’t help themselves as much as they could.  Margate is another seaside town that has had image problems but the artistic boost from resident Tracey Emin and her… Read more

ABOUT THE TOUR GUIDES – Getting Ready For The Tourist Return

Obviously tour guides have not been as busy over the last couple of years as Covid has prevented all of us from travelling and touring whether at home or abroad so images of tour guides have been few and far between.  The 2021 forecast was rather bleak due to Covid restrictions, almost 100% down on the previous year and obviously the spend of tourists down by the same number. Predictions are hopefully now looking up for the end of 2022 but still will be less than half of pre-covid levels. So many of us have decided to stay at home… Read more

Make Yourself The Most Loved Valentine This Year!

Is Valentines Day just a commercial opportunity or should we be try and be slightly less cynical and embrace the day for the overall emotion of love and happiness that it is supposed to represent and encourage? Seems like this should be the way forward but maybe let’s take this day as an opportunity to not only love a partner but to also love ourselves and the planet. Most of us certainly deserve it after the last couple of years. As a photographer I am constantly looking around and trying to capture peoples’ emotions which I then hope to translate… Read more

East West – New Year – The Year of The Tiger – Let’s Get Involved With Courage & Strength

February 2022 is the year of the Tiger, which runs from February 1st, with the Tiger representing courage and leadership for the Chinese New Year , it’s certainly an appropriate animal for this year. Known as the King of all beasts in China and one which hopefully will give the people of China and those across the world more courage and strength after the last two years. According to traditional legends the Tiger is an animal full of speed and strength and those born in the year of the tiger are supposed to be ‘ambitious, daring, courageous, self confident, generous… Read more

Coca Cola – The Rulers of the World! Or should we turn Vegan?

January is always the month when we are encouraged to take stock and look at what we are eating and drinking, maybe hold back, re-evaluate,  or not! Or even the month for us to consider the values of being vegetarian. So many options and health aspects of one particular drink was something I found interesting when collating images in my ‘About Coca Cola, the rulers of the world’ collection. These photographs have been taken from around the world over a period of a few years and show the real influence of America’s favourite drink. With over 200 countries selling coke… Read more

Where Does Urbanity End and Nature Begin?

The story of photography is a concept I think that is very interesting for all photographers. The ever-changing styles, technologies and history associated with photography is really quite in depth. So, anything that expands the narrative of this pioneering story is something worth thinking about. The Dulwich Picture gallery are currently exhibiting their first major photography exhibition and at this exhibition, we are able to follow the story of photography from the 1840s to today; through a photographers most constant companion – nature. “Nature is a constant, and there’s a reason that artists through the centuries have always returned to… Read more

Dogs Waiting – But Not For Too Long!

Certainly lockdown has caused many changes in people’s lives and it seems that dogs have been one of the major additions that  many people have succumbed to, and sadly not all for the best. Nearly every day now we are reading stories about lockdown puppies being already abandoned as people just really don’t understand the commitment they’ve taken. So seemed an appropriate time for my ‘Dogs Waiting’ gallery.               We’ve all seen them. Nervous and apprehensive dogs tied up outside stores etc, that they’re not allowed inside of. These are mainly, but not entirely,… Read more

Time To Get In The Campervan & Drive!

There is so much news and constant talk of when will we be completely back to normal, whatever that means but quite honestly I think we would all do well to just keep sensible and aware and pretty much carry on as we are for the moment! As much as I’d like to travel I think anyone booking a trip abroad is taking a risk so I’ve just ordered a campervan and to be honest I can’t wait to get behind the wheel and explore this new travel adventure, just a little closer to home! As a photojournalist who has… Read more

Let’s Celebrate ‘Down By The Lake’

At a time when we’re all keen to get our world back on track it is so refreshing to look at moments captured in photography of people having fun and enjoying the freedom and beauty that surrounds us and daring to dream and even plan about  those holiday destinations. Where we can travel, who with, what jabs, what forms etc all seems a little complicated these days but there is hope and there are possibilities and I for one can’t wait to get back out there, to not only enjoy but to photograph and capture these moments and destinations. There’s… Read more


Ahhh lockdown, it has been a rollercoaster to say the least. The ups and downs, the not knowing when things will return to usual, the loneliness – let’s just say it’s been challenging!  For most of us our lockdown friends were few and far between. Recently though I realised there were other lockdown friends in my life, that were also important – objects we’ve interacted with on a daily basis, inanimate objects we may have taken for granted before but now appreciated and I believe there’s some comfort in that. Like everyone, I had nowhere to go amidst the recent… Read more

Can Portrait Photography & Portrait Art Compare?

Portrait photography has always fascinated me as a photographer who has travelled the world and seen so many different faces, each telling a different story and all of interest to me and my camera. I don’t agree with photographers that say you need to spend a couple of months with some obscure nomadic people to get images with feeling. I want to feel them but also to be alienated from them. Of course I am always charming, but I’ll never blend in no matter how much I try and my vision is much clearer in the first few hours and… Read more


Photography often seems to get second rating in the art world but I think things may be slowly moving forward in the right direction. Finally the BBC are bringing out a photography talent series on TV, quite a rare thing, with the Great British Photography Challenge and I have to say, I’m quite looking forward to it! The series will be mentored by the renowned portrait photographer John Rankin, founder of Dazed magazine back in the day and he is one of our great photographer’s. Rankin’s work has captured a multitude of celebrities, from Kate Moss to The Rolling Stones… Read more

Waiting For India To Be Back On Track

It is heart breaking to see the hardship India is faced with during these difficult times and having visited the country myself, I fully appreciated how India is a country full of such vibrancy and history, bursting with culture, which is why I have several galleries dedicated to it. I hope these collections can tell a story to those who haven’t been lucky enough to visit and hope that the country will be through this very difficult time as soon as possible, so everyone can get a chance to experience the wonders of India very soon. During my visit I… Read more

The Silk Road & The Heads of Uzbekistan: Outside is the New Inside

COVID-19…! See, I’ve got your attention, I can’t seem to hold a conversation, watch the TV or listen to the radio without hearing the words; pandemic, lockdown or COVID-19. Now we are well versed with restrictions and what we can and can’t do, as well as things finally opening again, we are starting to find ways around the limitations and photography is no different! The answer to methods of exhibition before we are finally released on 17th May – aside from digitally – is to stick it outside! Just behind King’s Cross Station there is an outdoor travel photography exhibition… Read more

May Day 2021 – Not A Call For Help But A Call For A Bank Holiday Relax

Actually an ancient festival for Spring, it was sort of hijacked at the end of the 18th century for a socialist celebration. Moscow for instance, has a large May Day parade, usually showing off its military power. May Day also had its roots in astronomy, as a point in between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, a time filled with agricultural celebration, where we envisage cattle, spring flowers, the May King’s and Queens’, Morris dancers and of course the great Maypole! In the middle ages all the traditional villages had their Maypoles where towns would hold competitions to see… Read more

Taking The Day Off To Sit Under A Blossom Tree !

As Spring arrives we will all be once again inspired by the beauty of cherry blossom or the Sakura season in Tokyo, which has now officially begun it seems and although the crowds will be smaller no doubt the blossom will be more beautiful than ever The 2021 cherry blossom season has officially begun in Tokyo. Japan is a nation that takes Spring very seriously. In particular, it’s the blossom that they’re into, and more specifically, cherry blossom. In fact, there’s a huge amount of effort that goes into predicting when the first blossoms will arrive. People would take time… Read more

World Earth Day – Let’s Not Turn Our Back on Our Planet But Appreciate With The African Salute!

As a photojournalist who has travelled presently to exactly 100 countries, very much halted obviously in recent times however, I see myself as an art journalist meeting social comments and hopefully helping to record and interpret ordinary life on our planet. So World Earth Day is something that is an important and significant day , I think we should all appreciate and take note of in one way or another. This is our planet and we are responsible, as much as we can be of maintaining it the best we can, so we can continue to appreciate the wonders it… Read more

Online Exhibitions VS Galleries

Finally, the time I’ve been waiting for has come. At long last! I can go to art exhibitions and even exhibit myself again – after months of being limited to online only. Hurrah! During lockdown, us artists and art admirers have been limited to online exhibitions, V&A Zoom talks and photography that exists only on Instagram. Before COVID, I grew tired of exhibiting photography in a frame and hanging it on a wall, but I think now – believe it or not – I’d rather a frame than a screen! So, the time has come when we can welcome physical… Read more

The Promise Of Travel After Lockdown

Now I’m not a socialist, let alone a revolutionary, but I happen to agree with the Castro led revolution in Cuba. It was a country that was used and abused by the USA, who simply ignored the indigenous people, choosing exploitation instead. So you would have thought that it was no surprise that the people rose up against the then puppet government. What happened next might be described as the biggest sulk by a sovereign nation in history. The USA simply said to the rest of the world “that you either deal with us or Cuba”. The result, well Cuba… Read more

Home On The Thames & Boat Race Moments

With more and more things ruined by the wrath of COVID-19, I am compelled to remember the importance of capturing a moment. Photographers are salient, now more than ever. We champion the act of freezing a moment in time, a second of joy or sadness or utter illation. Reminding people today of better times, of the togetherness we crave. Traditions have been foiled this year, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries – you name it, it’s cancelled. One of the big ones for me is The Boat Race. Sharing its home with me on The Thames, The Boat Race has always given me much pleasure. Such a celebration,… Read more

Digital Cameras In A Digital World

Purist photographers – Don’t Read On! Throughout my life as a photographer, people always ask me (usually photography geeks) what settings I use on my camera, asking about aperture, exposure, contrast, shutter speed and the list goes on. Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t care. We are in a world of digital, so why not take advantage of that? I said goodbye to film a long time ago and never looked back. Yes, I do switch from automatic to manual and change ISO but the most important aspect of my work is documenting what’s in front of me. What’s… Read more

What Does Your Camera See In The English Country Garden?

Spring is finally arriving, a time which I think most of us will be truly grateful for this year – time to get out there and photograph our blooming gardens! As a photographer I am constantly looking and finding more and more angles of the world around me to capture in my photography and not to just translate into photographs but also to incorporate a more texturally unique aspect to my work. I got tired of some of the exhibitions I did where I was printing on standard paper, and putting black frames on, I wanted something more interesting. So… Read more

How To Choose Your Best Photographs – Black & White Photography or Colour?

It is always interesting to see the kind of photographs that capture the news and of course a hovering ship was bound to attract attention!  ‘Hovering ship’ photographed off Cornish coast by walker – BBC News – This image occurred due to ‘special atmospheric conditions that bend light’ and a great fun image that Mr Morris captured, querky and a unique moment indeed and capturing moments that are reproduced in photography are always exciting. This is what I love about photography, that we can capture the unexpected and instantly share, whether this is due to unusual atmospheric conditions or indeed… Read more

Evolving As A Photographer

To be honest, I am a photographer who is mostly influenced by my surroundings, my vision and generally what catches my eye. Having evolved over the years I really now don’t refer to other photographers work, however in the early days there were some photographers who probably did influence my photographic interests and whose work I do still admire. The first was the illustrative photographer Jon Davision, a Kiwi living in Oxford at the time. He got me back into photography after I’d had a short break. His work has diversified over the years and he is now an impressive… Read more

The Power of Photography- Speaking Without Words

When we think about communication, most people think of words. Speaking, talking, perhaps writing; these are the methods that come to mind. Yet, as a photographer I know there are ways beyond language to communicate, that can speak a thousand words in a second! How to speak without words and tell a story with silence, photography is a true anomaly in communication. Whilst soundless and motionless a great photograph speaks volumes. The talented photographer can capture movement, feeling and emotion in a singular snap. Vision, lens and intuition speak volumes. As a photojournalist who has travelled extensively across the world,… Read more

My Top Tips To Be The Best Photographer You Can Be

Following on from my Riverside Radio feature….. Also listen out for my Riverside Radio ArtsWatch feature coming up soon! Top Tips To Be The Best Photographer 1) You see with your brain, not your camera, so noticing things is good…anything 2) Don’t keep your camera at the bottom of a bag that you have to stop and hunt through and then give up ! Keep it in easy reach. 3) The more you photograph the better you get. I’m afraid it’s that simple. 4) Don’t be put off by what some amazing professional photographers take. Do what you think is… Read more

The age of Femininity, Men, Flowers & Frills

In 2020 the world fell in love with feminine men. Pop icons like Harry Styles brought a new meaning to the word ‘handsome’. Controversial Vogue cover by Tyler Mitchell, for December 2020 saw fan favourite and ex-One Direction star donning a rather frilly dress. Love it or hate it, the cover photograph certainly made its mark; sparking the heated debate of men and femininity. Many criticised, chastised and shamed Styles for his feminine dress while others called it revolutionary, radical and ravishing. Like it or not the age of femininity is well and truly on its way. Teen-icon Harry Styles… Read more

How Does A Photograph Stand Out In A World Of ‘Photographers – Can I Help You To Be Unique ?

In a world where cameras are at our fingertips, many tucked away in our pockets at all times, just how does a photograph remain unique and innovating? Anyone can take a photo, perhaps not a good one, but with the wonders of modern technology the means to do so are widely available to all, some may say this accessibility has meant a loss in authenticity to the world of photography? Whilst indeed anyone can take a photo, not everyone can capture the magic of a moment. A photograph is more than the snapping of an iPhone camera, it is the… Read more