Well I think most of us know that's it's the polite and expected thing to remove your shoes before entering houses or monasteries in a number of countries, including Myanmar. Not only that, but because of the hot weather, flip flops are the footwear of choice here. They're cheap and water resistant too ! Moving on from that, here's some interesting facts about the country. Myanmar has a population of 60m, the same as the UK. There are no surnames as such, and it's impossible to prove relatives in the written form. And in fact, your name could change as you grow older !! And being "overweight" is regarded as a sign of health here. Burma was once known as the "rice basket" of Asia because of its rice exports. Now it's called the "opium bowl" of Asia ! And the facial markings you may have seen on some other photographs I've posted are in fact a paste made from the Thanakha tree. It's used as an insect repellent, sun protection, and in some cases, make-up.