About Me

Me, about me…..

Art journalism meets social comment.

I’ve travelled to about 100 countries to date, and in some ways I see myself as helping to record and interpret ordinary life on our planet at this point in time.

I have no wish to photograph war, strife and suffering. It doesn’t interest me, and obviously it’s very depressing. What I like is the banal things in life.

I like wandering around towns and streets marvelling about how we, human beings, live. I like looking at things that others would consider dreary. I like collecting these moments. I like the joy of it. I like curating them into stories about how we do things. I like comparisons between cultures. I like bringing all the ingredients together. I like the idea of a one world. I am a photography chef (actually I was a chef once!)

I serve in courses and bring things onto one table. Enjoy.


What they say about me…….

David Hicks, serial traveller, very tall man and an amazing photographer.

His work shows a lightness of touch which coupled with his consummate ability to capture a feeling in an instant, explains why his work is so well appreciated by so many people. This ability is what makes a real artist, to be able to allow another person access to the emotion within the work.

It is a joy to share David’s passion for travel and for his photography enables us the viewer to travel with him and to share his experiences. His photographs are full of life, energy, movement and passion, and he is a very nice man.

Christopher Johnson, Curator.
North Street Gallery.


David’s work is unusually perceptive. It comes from the eye of a very observant, perpetually interested human being.

Perhaps not being a formally trained photographer, David has the common touch, but his work is strikingly uncommon; it is imaginatively well composed and produces a life enhancing response.

It is a joy to look at and it makes you want to be there.’

Bryan Brown. Designer and Marketing Consultant.


David Hicks is a fascinatingly and delightfully indefinable presence who definitely let’s his curiosity get the better of him. Travelling all over the world in rigorous yet often playful celebratory exploration, there’s an engaging authenticity to his work, free of the deadening contemporary fetish for superficial digital perfection.

His images can be vivid, evocative, whimsical, graphically powerful, and surprising – in their content as well as in the way he invents themes for his sets of images.

I’ve often found myself imagining that I can smell, feel or hear the things in his pictures. The recent addition of his ‘stills films’ sequencing various collections adds to the vividness and enjoyment

I look forward to the regular updates on the products of his luxuriantly persistent roving eye.

Robert Taylor. Photographer.


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